The Greatest International Publications

It’s interesting to read this press release from Camper regarding “articles in the greatest international publications” about Casa Camper Berlin in light of the fact that my own review of the property is the 8th search result on Google for a Casa Camper Berlin search and the 2nd search result for a Casa Camper Berlin review search.

None of the articles in the “greatest international publications” cited in the release appear anywhere in the first five pages of Google search results.

I point at this not as proof of my own greatness, but simply to suggest that if I was a hotel spending public relations dollars, I’d have to wonder whether it might be time to stop courting the same old “greatest” and consider courting the attention of less great, but perhaps more prominent, real people relating real travel experiences.

That said, in the 48 days since I published my Casa Camper Review, it’s received a grand total of 156 pageviews, including just 34 visits from Google. So maybe “greatness” shouldn’t be measured in terms of Google Pagerank.