The Great Brain

The Great Brain Cover When I was a certain age, my favourite books were those in the The Great Brain series. These books concerned the adventures of Tom and J.D. Fitzgerald: Tom was The Great Brain, a wily con-kid who could defeat any challenge with sheer creative intelligence. I hadn’t given a single thought to the series of books until this morning when I was struck with their memory. Highly recommended for anyone, especially for kids frustrated by authority and needing an outlet.

The other series of books that caught my imagination were written by Louis Slobodkin, and started for me with The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree. This series concerned the adventures of a kid named Eddie who meets a spaceman named Marty. I remember going to the Brantford Public Library with my grandmother to get each book in the series.


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Justin on August 9, 2002 - 04:04 Permalink

About all I did since I learned to read until I graduated high school was… read. It takes a lot to stand out in my memory as a good book and this series certainly stands out. Only Beverly Cleary, Mark Twain, Roald Dahl, and for some strange reason an unknown ‘known as’ Clifford Hicks and the team of Sam & Beryl Epstein stand out in my mind as a good read, like Fitzgerald does. If you want your kids to read, give them Fitgerald or Cleary.