Grandparenting will never be the same

Here’s a picture of my mother, Oliver’s grandmother, talking with Oliver using Apple’s iChat AV. Both ends of the conversation have an iSight camera, so grandmother and grandson can talk to each other and see each other at the same time.

The video and audio are of excellent quality, even with full-screen video. There’s no complicated setup, directories or other confusion: click on the buddy list and start talking.

This is the “picture phone” future we were promised in the 1960s finally come to effective, easy to use, practical life. If you’re looking for revolutionary, life-changing technology, this is it.


Mandy's picture
Mandy on December 16, 2003 - 04:20 Permalink

I smell cyber babysitting hitting a new all time high with this bad boy. I know my cousins in NFLD and Victoria BC have been known to use the web to “watch the wee ones” for a few moments here and there. Ah the wonders of our world. When one man can babysit two children in NFLD while he sits at his home in BC.

A new business? or a very scary thought?