Google Translate + Croatian

Google Translate will now translate between English and Croatian. Which is how I learned that the title of the TV series Dobre namjere translates to Good Intentions. Google translates the Wikipedia page about the series like this:

The series is a family drama whose action konstruirana through warble, and its zapleti provlače through crime, murder and corruption. This is the story of four friends from childhood who after many years of re-gather for a joint business venture that will face them with our own weaknesses, and focus their lives in entirely unexpected directions. Their wives will be one in the second to find a new friendship, rivalry, but why would they trust each other constantly be on kušnji. The series follows the lives of Deveric families, their friends and enemies.

I come to this obscure knowledge through Tomislav Rukavina, who has directed 43 episodes of the series. He’s also the director of the this Daj mi kino short film (more on this here).


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