Google + Talk = IM

If you’re up late tonight, go and look at I’m on Google Talk right now. If you can get things to work, you can “GoogleTalk” me at

Update: David Richardson from Calgary just “GoogleTalked” me, using his GMail account to login to the server. We were able to have both a regular text chat as well as an audio chat, all of which was happening Jabber-only, as David switched off his regular iChat account. Neato.


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David Richardson on August 24, 2005 - 01:26 Permalink

I just noticed that while iChat allows logging into multiple networks at the same time, the menubar item only displays buddy status for a single service at a time.

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Robb on August 24, 2005 - 01:43 Permalink

I think they shut it down.

after our brief conversation, i have been unable to re connect.

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Robb on August 24, 2005 - 01:47 Permalink

it would appear i’ve been locked out of my gmail account. at least for the time being.