Google News

The thing I like about Google (beyond its usefulness as a web search engine, for which it now essentially has no competition), is that they can write FAQs like this one:

I just did a search, and I wasn’t happy with the results. Who should feel my wrath?
I would write an FAQ like that, but you don’t expect that sort of thing to come from Big Companies like Google. Somehow we all fall into the trap of starting to speak and write contorted marketingese once we start writing about Real Stuff. This makes it hard to be honest. In fact I think it’s designed to keep us from being honest.

Since I rewrote the About section for Reinvented Inc., I get a lot less email from people looking for jobs or trying to sell me something. In the rewrite, I tried to strip all the “world-class IT infrastructure solutions”-like bullshit and simply be honest about the company. The interesting thing is that the email I do get is almost universally from exactly the right people.

In other words, honestly is a good filter.

By the way, the Google FAQ I quote here is about their new Google News search.