Google Maps + 100 Prince St.

Here is a satellite photo of Charlottetown showing my house. Today is the first time I’ve ever notice any service by Google actually being slow — I presume this is because everyone else in the world is doing what I just did. Very cool.


Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on April 6, 2005 - 00:43 Permalink

Funny, everything outside of Charlottetown looks like a “fuzzy image” to residents of Charlottetown too!

John Boylan's picture
John Boylan on April 7, 2005 - 16:58 Permalink

The maps are neat, but I’m equally, if not more, impressed by the “how to get here from there” feature. For laughs I typed in my old address in Vancouver and within minutes it gave me detailed directions for a road trip to 100 Prince Street with accompanying photos of all the intersections I’d encounter. This may breed a brand new type of travel where you pick a destination and let google choose how you’ll get there. What adventure!