Goodbye Catholic Family Services Bureau

The CBC reported today that P.E.I. Catholic Family Services Bureau [is] shutting down after 89 years.

Catholic Family Services has been of great help to our family over the years, and I am sad that it will not be here to support future generations.

Oliver followed Executive Director Peter Mutch there when he migrated his music therapy practice under its umbrella; in later years, Oliver worked with the excellent Katherine Lowings in music therapy and, more recently, general therapy. Oliver also participated in the youth choir that Katherine and her colleagues organized.

Catherine and I benefited from Peter’s wise counsel over the years, as a family, and, as a Home & School volunteer, I appreciated Peter’s spearheading off the “Triple P” parenting program on the Island and his advocacy on myriad issues.

Catholic Family Services offered its services, for free or at very low cost, to anyone, regardless of religion (I’ve always appreciated the welcoming rainbow flag sticker on the front window).

To Peter and Katherine and all the staff, we say thank you for your service, both to our family, and to hundreds of families over the years. You will be missed.