A Good Friday Interlude

Gong Bao Thursday was a much quieter affair today, both because the lads upstairs abandoned me to my lonesome by moving their Friday lunch to Thursday, and because Interlude was uncommonly abandoned itself today.

I got the better of the situation, however, as it turned out to be the best Gong Bao of the season.

If you’re looking for a tasty place to memorialize the passing of Christ tomorrow for lunch, they tell me at Interlude that they’ll be open regular hours. And pad thai is the special (my operatives tell me both that the pad thai is excellent and also that it’s egg-free).

By the way, in addition to learning this week that trees take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen (which seems like a wonderful miracle to me, and very handy for we humans), I also learned that the “Good” in “Good Friday” isn’t supposed to mean good as in “happy, great, top-of-the-morning,” but rather is derived from either “holy” or “God’s” depending on which wiki and/or religion you follow.

Also of interest: our colleagues at Yankee have neither Good Friday nor Easter Monday as a holiday, something they seem to share with other Americans. Except, for some reason, those that live in Buffalo, New York. Go figure.


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Steven Garrity on April 5, 2007 - 23:19 Permalink

Happy birthday.