Good-bye Sheeba

The Jane Siberry took over the reins of her career 9 years ago, it was a big step. With Sheeba she took those things usually outsourced to others — managers, record companies, ‘A&R’ people — and ran them herselves.

And along the way, through and her email newsletter, we listeners / fans / groupies have watched as the enterprise has gone through its ups and its downs. “We’re closing the office,” we’d hear one month. And then “We’re open again, with a brand new web store.” Sometimes you would place an order, or send an email, and you’d hear back from Jane herself.

Here’s a snippet of a note that went out on the mailing list this morning:

It will have been 9 years on May 17, 2005. It has been a very special time of learning and struggle and sometimes deep satisfaction. I wanted freedom and it has come in a different fashion than I expected. Now as I let go of more and more things, not always knowing why I have to and resisting it, I see the signs of a greater hand at work. I am sure you know what I mean.
 — Website will stay open — Webstore will be closed — we may have MP3s for sale later as they do not require inventory or staff, but we’ll see. — I am disconnecting the SHEEBA phone and email by the equinox. There will only be links to my manager, Kim Blake, for work or licensing, or the web-master for problems. I may still send out the odd Museletter. I feel you nodding – okay perhaps odd but hopefully charming.