God is Amazing

Two of the sights we saw on our trip to Spain are a testament to the lengths that faithful will take to celebrate their love of God.

La Sagrada Familia is a church in Barcelona designed by Gaudi and still, more than a century after its conception, under construction. We showed up one night two weeks ago just before closing time, and took a whirlwind tour through the church. It is one of the few buildings I’ve ever been in that left me truly in awe.

Two days earlier we drove (and partially hiked) up Montserrat, a mountain west of Barcelona at the top of which there is a sanctuary, monestary, church and museum. The mountain itself, for the son of a geologist like me, was awe-inspiring on its own: it is a jagged mountain that rises out of the plains to an unnatural height. The religious settlements atop the mountain are almost equally amazing.

If you are in or near Barcelona, a visit to either will inspire you.


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Rob Paterson on May 21, 2003 - 19:30 Permalink

Isn’t the Wikipoedia an amazing project!

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Steven Garrity on May 21, 2003 - 19:40 Permalink

It is amazing! Seems so counter-intuitive, but it works. Bravo. Peter — your account of these locations has rendered me a bit jealous.

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Want to find wikipoedia