Go Away (from PEI)

If you are thinking of traveling to Europe this spring or summer, here are a couple of resources I’ve stumbled across over the past weeks that are somewhat hidden from view:

  • Canadian Affair has charter flights from Halifax to London.
  • Zoom Airlines has similar Halifax to London flights, and they seem to be about the same price as Canadian Affair’s.
  • German airline Condor has charter flights from Halifax to Frankfurt (at least in theory; they have a horrible search engine and I couldn’t actually find the actual flights).
  • US Airways has incredibly cheap flights from Boston to Dublin (and Ryanair can get you from Dublin to almost anywhere on the cheap).
  • Many of the flights on sale right now at Air Canada, including those to London, require flying before April 4. However certain European destinations like Frankfurt, Berlin and Copenhagen allow flying up to May 18.


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Alan on March 8, 2006 - 17:44 Permalink

As an FYI, we have an uncle travelling Scotland to Canada this summer and was planning on Zoom but he found some fine and expensive print in the deal that made him shift his business elsewhere. The trip home was not priced on the same deal as the one-way to Canada so have a good look at what they are offering if you go that way.