GloboTech Out, Vitelity In

I really wanted to be a customer of GloboTech, a New Brunswick-based VOIP company. When I switched my VOIP services (DID numbers in Boston and Montreal and outbound long distance) to them from VoicePulse back in April I was impressed with GloboTech’s back-end system, and their quick turnaround to technical support questions. And their services were well-priced and the voice quality reasonable.

Until last month.

First the Boston DID number stopped working. After a delay, their technical support folks got back to me to tell me that there was no solution to the Boston DID problem other than to get another number; I gave them the go-ahead on October 25th and still haven’t heard back, despite numerous emails and trouble ticket follow-ups. They appear to not respond to customer service inquires at all.

Next the Montreal DID number stopped working. No reply to a technical support request. Finally — and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back — last month’s bill arrived by email, and I was charged for both non-working DID numbers. As you might expect, I received no reply to my inquiry about that either.

So I went shopping. And ended up at Vitelity, another Canadian VOIP provider.

Their rates are attractive, especially for DIDs. And they were even able (with a 10-day delay, which they were up front about) to source me a DID in the local Dublin, NH exchange where Yankee is based. So far I haven’t had any technical support issues, so I can’t compare that end of the business to GloboTech — but if their service just works I’ll be a step ahead.


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Jevon on November 30, 2006 - 00:25 Permalink

I have been super happy with for Canadian DIDs, but have had no luck finding a one-off PEI 902 DID from anywhere.