Give me stuff, not shit.

I have long held that what web surfers are looking for is stuff, not shit. All of my experience in this medium leads me to this thinking. I look at traffic logfiles; I know what’s popular and what’s not. Stuff is interesting, captivating, compelling, real information. Shit is marketing drivel; it is often a marketing or advertising person’s view of what will impress the public. Shit might impress, but shit doesn’t last.

In this light, I am happy to see that Ford Canada has moved to a stuff-o-centric web page. Unlike Toyota, which makes me jump through some bazonko circle-metaphored, graphics rich hell-hole before I can actually get information about what cars they sell, Ford’s redesigned home page has everything I’d ever want to know, well-organized, in one page.

That’s stuff. Kudos to Ford.