Geraldo Rivera gets a lot of flack. I find him essentially unwatchable, but mostly because of his subject matter rather than his approach. However I also count myself as among the few that have read his [now out of print] interim biography Exposing Myself. If you ignore the “and then I slept with [insert name of alluring beautiful powerful woman]” references which litter most of the book’s chapters (or perhaps don’t ignore them), he’s actually had an interesting life. He is not someone to be dismissed.


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mck on December 20, 2001 - 06:54 Permalink

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, who couldn’t bear being away from the action in Afghanistan, was hundreds of miles from the site of a friendly fire incident he reported on, the Baltimore Sun said in a Dec. 15 report. Rivera reported in a Dec. 6 piece that he became emotional and choked up while standing on the “hallowed ground” in Afghanistan where “friendly fire took so many of our, our men and the mujahedeen yesterday.” Rivera said he had recited the Lord’s Prayer. But, according to a report on the Baltimore Sun’s Internet site, Rivera admitted that he was several hundred miles from the site — outside Kandahar — where three Americans were killed on Dec. 5 by an errant U.S. bomb. Fox News spokesman Rob Zimmerman said he had “no information” on whether the network was reviewing the incident. On Thursday, Zimmerman told the Sun it had a vendetta against the channel and hung up the phone.

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Geraldo is so far beyond credibility (except when compared to other AMERICAN talking heads — where he comes up pretty good) that it has become unimportant whether he feigns objectivity or simply abandons it as he did in Afghanistan. C’mere big G, I’ll break your nose and you can say Usama did it. Imagine the ratings!

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Geraldo’s problem is that he too much likes being the story that he reports on.
The last clip I saw of him (and hopefully ever will, willingly) had the New York anchor asking him about reports that she heard in which he was carrying a pistol as he travelled in Afghanistan. “Was it true”, she wanted to know, “that he felt it necessary to carry a gun, and could she see it.” (to paraphrase) GR sheepishly smiled, hesitated, hemmed and hawed, but ultimately showed her the gun. He is the worst of “news”.