George’s Second Career as a Woodworker

I got to know George Guimond many years ago, both through his work as an architect here in Charlottetown and by virtue of his family being neighbours, in a country sense, when we lived out on the Kingston Road in the mid-1990s.

George retired from architecture some years ago, he and his wife Sherrill moved to Forest City, New Brunswick, and George found a second career as a woodworker:

After working 30 years as an architect, it came time for a change. A few years ago a work colleague loaned me a copy of  the book, “The Soul of a Tree” by George Nakashima and I immediately knew that  fine woodworking would become my new career.  The interest in wood follows a tradition of woodworkers with both my father and grand father being accomplished  woodworkers. I now see those years of experience as a design architect have served as a training ground for designing my original pieces. The furniture is constructed using traditional joinery and assembly, using solid woods, something not found in today’s mass produced furniture. Joinery includes hand cut dovetails, finger joints, mortise and tenon, wedged through tenons, etc…

You can see samples of his work on his Applewood Studio website.

Work by George Guimond.

A dual purpose cabinet, a stair for a loved pet and storage cubbies,” by George Guimond.