Gender Representation in PEI Party Caucuses, 1993 to 2019

I’ve lived on Prince Edward Island for 26 years and elections have been part of my experience since the beginning: the fateful 1993 election, where Catherine Callbeck’s Liberals won all but one seat, was held 15 days after I landed here.

Other than that 1993 result, where Pat Mella made up 100% of the PC Party caucus, the representation of women in PEI party caucuses has ranged from 0% (the Liberals in 2000 and the Greens in 2015) to a high of 26% (the Liberals in 2007).

In last week’s election there are two stories about gender representation in party caucuses.

First, the representation of women in the Liberal caucus went down to 0%, and in PC caucus down to 8%.

Second, the representation of women in the Green caucus went from 0% (or from 50%, if you include Hannah Bell’s by-election victory in 2017) to 63%.

The headline of last week’s CBC story, P.E.I. election brings slight jump for women in the legislature, doesn’t reflect the enormity of either.

Percentage of Women in Prince Edward Island Party Caucuses, 1993 to 2019