Game, Set, Match to Eastlink

Note to marketplace: here’s how you win my business:

I was reading through your recent postings on your website and noticed your discussion about “The Costs of Moving a Business Telephone Line”. I thought this would be an appropriate time to email you again and let you know that you can contact me with any questions or requests.

This is part of a note from Craig Cooper, PEI Account Executive for Eastlink.

Here’s how you lose my business:

Since Aliant is federally regulated by the CRTC with regards to their rates, these charges are standard and unfortunately cannot be changed to meet that of the competition’s. We at Aliant appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

This is the entire response from Aliant in reaction to an email I sent them asking if they could match Eastlink’s pricing.

Eastlink now has my business.


Mike's picture
Mike on December 10, 2003 - 19:46 Permalink

Good choice. However I hope you never experience a power outage for any period of time !

You’ll be using your Aliant cell phone during this time!
Ask people in NS using Eastlink during Juan.

Kevin's picture
Kevin on December 11, 2003 - 13:24 Permalink

I wonder if the gentleman to whom you refer, employee of Eastlink, is the same fellow who has been misrepresenting ISN door to door in Charlottetown over the past few months.

There is an Eastlink employee saying “ISN gets its high speed from us” and words to that effect.

For his (and anyone else’s) information, the only ISP Internet product manufactured in PEI in the past eight years has been done so by ISN (the rest is resold services manufactured in whole (mostly) or in part, elsewhere).

ISN has never “resold” an account from any company except for an odd situation a few years back when we bought an iStar account to give to a customer who needed to travel while maintaining connectivity (it was easier to just buy it and configure his laptop rather than explain how he ought to do this himself).

If I was wearing an Eastlink logo on my shirt I’d be much more careful about accuracy when speaking of someone else’s company — once this kind of thing makes someone angry it becomes career limiting.

I’m documenting a series of incidents now.

I handed over hundreds of thousands of dollars to Island Tel over the years and got treated like I was an interloper at their private banquet — it is encouraging, in part, that this crap only comes from pawns in the Eastlink org but it’s irritating nonetheless since ISN is easily in their top 1 business customer on PEI.