The Gallery Coffee House and Bakery

My friends Martin and Maida called me in a delighted tizzy this afternoon, having just come from the soft opening of The Gallery Coffee House and Bakery on Great George Street in the Heartz-O’Halloran.

They knew that telling me this would engender a resonant tizzy in me, what with this being 222 m from my house and 165 m from my office.

The new enterprise comes from the same crew behind the Black & White in St. Peters, and Fritz Chocolates.

Of course Oliver and I dropped everything and headed right over: it’s a beautiful, light-filled space, and, as they do in St. Peters, they make an excellent espresso. As having a third place becomes culturally acceptable again in the coming months, I imagine my life will expand to include this one quite comfortably.

Welcome to the neighbourhood new friends.

The Gallery Café on Great George Street