The Gahan House

We’ve eaten at The Gahan House (warned: content-free website) on Sydney Street in Charlottetown (formerly Major Hoople’s Guest Home but now quite transformed) three times in the last week, and have had a good (and sometimes fantastic) meal each time.

The menu is a cut above the usual “pub fare” one finds in similar establishments. I had the Chicken Parilla today, cajun style; it was almost too spicy, but an excellent meal nonetheless (the Caesar salad lacked punch; this was the only sour note). Twice I’ve had the Garden Burger (the only place such a concoction is available in Charlottetown; you have to duck to avoid them in Vancouver) which was very well prepared and nothing like the dry hockey puck that passes for a vegetarian take on the hamburger in many restaurants. I also recommend the cranberry-pineapple juice special (not on menu; just ask) and the carrot cheesecake, which might seem odd at first, but is oddly compelling once you dig in.

Service, in traditional Murphy-brothers style, is first rate. I’d go as far as saying the service might be the best in their multi-tentacled universe, largely because our server for the first two visits provided essentially flawless service.

If you’re thinking about going out to the Merchantman or the Water Street Pub, and haven’t been to The Gahan House yet, it’s worth a stop in; you might never go anywhere else.