The fury of the tempest during the awful conflagration in Prince Street, on Thursday last.”

From the Colonial Herald, February 3, 1844, a letter to the editor from the residents of Prince Street:

Colonial Herald, Charlottetown, February 3, 1844

The fire to which the correspondents refer took place the previous day, in the middle of a snow storm on February 1, 1844, and was reported earlier in the same edition of the newspaper:

Colonial Herald, Charlottetown, February 3, 1844, page 2

The day’s edition of the Morning News and Semi-Weekly Advertiser also reported on the file:

Morning News and Semi-Weekly Advertiser, February 3, 1844

Our house was one of the row of houses referred to as having been in peril, the one occupied by Henry Smith; as with the others on this row, it emerged uninjured. Like the writers of the day, this excites alike my gratitude, my wonder and my admiration.