On the frontier…

Lots of little technical items to take care of otherwise here in this Internet cafe in downtown Zagreb, so this will be quick.

As helpful readers (Nick and Foog, if I recall) suggested, it was very easy to get my borrowed locked-to-Rogers mobile phone unlocked: the first place in Ljubljana we stopped in would do it for 2500 SIT, or about $15 — a much better deal than the Rogers offer to not do it for $250. I dropped the phone off this morning at 9:00 a.m., and they met me at the train station at 2:00 p.m. with a working phone. I dropped my Croat VipMe SIM card in and, presto!, I was live and wired. If you need to get in touch while I am in Croatia (until Oct. 12), you can call (from Canada) 011 385 918810854 (no cost to me — you pay international rate to Croatia).

Trip is going very well: Dad and I met in the airport in London, had a shower, caught the bus to Stanstead where we caught an EasyJet flight to Ljubljana. The Hotel Park — pre-booked by Dad — was clean and central, if a little pricy. Our 24 hours in the city were great: we rode bikes through Tivoli Park, had a great supper of gnocchi and a great lunch of pizza, and got a good taste for what is arguably the most beautiful city I have visited to date.

Dad and I have yet to kill each other, which is positive. We have not even come close. You will notice the complete lack of apostrophes in this post — cannot figure out how to type it. Had the same problem in Thailand. Makes for more formal sounding writing, so not all bad.

Off to find a hotel for the night.


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Ken on October 7, 2004 - 03:19 Permalink

Your life is like a serial novel…it’s getting to the good part now. Type on with or without ‘s