Like many of you, perhaps, I’ve never completely forgiven Google for killing off Google Reader, its excellent standards-setting RSS reader.

After flirting with commercial competition, like Feedly, for a time, I finally settled on a self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS (along with its companion mobile app) as a serviceable replacement.

It is really only possible to love Tiny Tiny RSS in the way that one would love a Lada: one respects its fortitude, appreciates that it gets you were you need to go, and admires that it comes with a toolkit in the trunk. But the love is necessarily capped, and one hopes that, eventually, one might trade in the Lada for something slightly jazzier.

That something, in the case of Tiny Tiny RSS, might be FreshRSS, a new self-hostable RSS reader from Framasoft. I installed it this evening, and it is, indeed, beautiful, capable and jazzy. The requirements for running it are modest: a relatively modern LAMP server. There’s no mobile app required as the design is pleasantly responsive, and works equally well on desktop and mobile.

Framasoft is “people working together with the same desire: promote digital freedoms.” In FreshRSS it appears to be doing just that.

I’ll report back after a few weeks of using FreshRSS as to how it performs as my daily RSS driver.

Fresh RSS Screen Shot

Fresh RSS in an iPhone screen shot


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Steven Garrity on September 29, 2018 - 22:14 Permalink

I've been happily using and it's been worth paying for.