Frecciarossa 1000

We squeezed in an extra day in Lyon over the weekend, which was lovely, as Lyon is a lovely walkable city and our hotel — the Pilo in Croix-Rousse — was in a lovely walkable neighbourhood.

On Sunday afternoon we jetted north on an Italian Frecciarossa train to Paris at 300 km/h, door to door in just over 2 hours.

Sunday evening was a quick supper at the wonderfully chaotic playground that is Ground Control—bars, restaurants, video arcade, bookstore, thrift shop, all to a pulsing backbeat—followed by a walk up the Eiffel Tower at sunset (it was a lot easier to walk up when Olivia and I did it 14 years ago).

Amidst all the epic to and fro, the things I’ll remember the most are those like breakfast with Lisa and L this morning in our tiny apartment, eating muesli with yoghurt and clementine slices and making up combination words (like birdbowl, a new game involving specially trained pigeons, and footcase, an iPhone case with toes).

Our trip comes to an end tomorrow: we fly home via Montréal. This trip has been delightful; being on the road has been a much-delayed, much-needed break.


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Janice MacPherson on April 18, 2023 - 08:50 Permalink

I've loved reading about your travels!