Frank’s English

Frank chimes in with his own thoughts on bookmarks practice and includes a description of his blogging that comes as close to my own as I’ve come across:

My blog has always been this wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities where the categorical boundaries are yet to be defined. Of course you can see some of the topics that are of interest, but I feel my blog should be some short of Frankopedia, where you get to know more about me, not just as a professional but also as a person. So I love to share links and pointers to all sorts of places on the web. Sometimes with some context, sometimes just a link.

Frank helpfully wrote this post in English:

BTW, if you’re wondering why I am writing in English, it’s my service to Peter to save him another trip to the machine-translator and get an idea what I am talking about ;-)

I appreciate this: Frank Translate is way better than Google Translate.

I’ve long been fascinated with the minutiae of daily life, and I’d love to read posts similar to those we’ve written today about bookmarks but about toothbrushing, car oil changes and breakfast food habits.