Follow My Bookmarks: Replacing

I’ve been a contented user of the excellent (if unfortunately named) “social bookmarking” service; indeed saving bookmarks to has all but replaced keeping bookmarks in my browser.

But their technical problems recently, which included a long period of downtime, made me realize that relying on a third-party service to store my bookmarks left me too vulnerable to the whims of someone else: what good are bookmarks if you can’t visit them!

Additionally, was recently acquired by Yahoo! and that only added to my queasiness. Yahoo! may be in the geek karma sweet spot these days, but I’m not too keen on relying on them to shepherd my links.

The answer is (or if you’re short on fingers and don’t mind the scatology), a implementation of the excellent PHP-based “ clone” called Scuttle. Scuttle supports the API, so switching was as easy as a quick install, an export from, an import into Scuttle, and changing my pointers in the various clients I use the drink in data.

While I intend this primarily as a personal tool, you’re welcome to register your own account (free, easy, etc.) and use it to maintain your own bookmarks.

By the way, if you were subscribing to the old RSS feed, here’s the new RSS feed.


Olle Jonsson's picture
Olle Jonsson on December 22, 2005 - 11:42 Permalink

OK, signed up. I sort of miss the opportunity to import “my old stuff”.

This was the killer thing with me for the ugly service. That won me over.

Great look on the BM site, though.

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Peter Rukavina on December 22, 2005 - 15:53 Permalink

Olle, you *can* import your old stuff: go to “Add a Bookmark” and then click “Import bookmarks from”.

Olle Jonsson's picture
Olle Jonsson on December 22, 2005 - 16:29 Permalink