Flux Capacitors Firing

It’s been a busy week here at Reinvented HQ as I prepare to move said HQ three blocks south while, at the same time, attending both to regular day-to-day jobs and also doing the paperwork for our corporate year-end at the end of the month. And helping to organize a project that will see five downtown home and school associations cooperating on a parent leadership grant. And whipping up plans to commemorate the 160th anniversary of free public education in Prince Edward Island. And helping to coordinate the efforts of our land trust as we seek to raise money for the L.M. Montgomery Seashore. And, oh, did I mention it’s science fair time for Oliver?

So, yes, busy. But lots of fun too. I’d rather be busy than bored.

Plans for the move to The Guild are proceeding well, aided by the deft and efficient organizational hand of Executive Director Ghislaine O’Hanley.

After lots of back and forth with Eastlink we’ve finally got an install date for broadband (next Friday, January 20); part of the hold-up on this was that they were initially uncomfortable having us use the existing inside LAN wiring and wanted to run new coax directly to our office (and charge us $170 for doing so). They agreed, in the end, to do it our way, and we should be wired up by this time next week.

Johnny had his first visit to the new office yesterday (in part so we could test the aforementioned LAN wiring to make sure it works), and side-effects of this visit include a plan to paint the space next week sometime (Johnny’s aesthetic tolerances are much more finely-tuned than mine, which tend more toward “subsistence hovel”), and an accelerated plan to outfit the windows with blinds (there’s already some semblance of vertical blind hardware, minus the actual blinds themselves; blinds supplier references welcome).

Meanwhile, the linoleum floors in the new space are being stripped and waxed today, and I’m slowly making my way through the barrels of stuff here in the old HQ trying to determine what to move and what to keep.

If all the cylinders fire as they should, we should be working from the new space on Monday, January 23.