Flagstaff, AZ

Gotta be quick, as brother Mike, impatient with technology, glowers. Flew to Phoenix on Friday and hooked up with Mike near the airport. Saturday we went downtown to a great barber (from Ohio) and got our hair cut. Then up to Taliesin West for the afternoon (amazing). Back into Phoenix for an Arizona Diamondbacks home game, then a late night drive north to Flagstaff where we stayed at the Weatherford Hotel, which was a terrific antidote to the generic hotels I’d been staying in for a week (even if it did mean a train rumbling my every hour or so).

The weather here is amazing: there is a world’s worth of weather packed into Arizona. 85 degrees yesterday in Phoenix; in the mid-40s here in Flagstaff this morning. We’re about to head up Rte. 180 to the Grand Canyon, and were asked if we have “any experience with driving in snow and ice.”

Staying inside Grand Canyon National Park tonight; touring the Canyon tomorrow.

Glowering has turned to impatient stubborn looks, so I must sign off.


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Todd Phillips on April 12, 2004 - 18:31 Permalink

Um Perhaps you already noticed that Flagstaff is in AZ, not NM, as you have listed on your page.

Bruce Dalzell, by the way, is a great songwriter, perhaps my favorite. He lives in Athens, Ohio and I have not seen him in almost 20 years, but when I was in college down there I saw him perform very often.