Five Photos from Berlin

1. Beware of Tricksters

One of those translations from German into English that adds a hint of intrigue.

Beware of Tricksters!

2. Orange Crates in Sunshine

At the Motel One near the window on the fourth floor.

Orange Crates

3. KANT Berlin Office

The Kreuzberg Academy for Nerdery and Tinkering.

KANT Berlin

4. Smokestack through Dusty Window

At the NYU Berlin office in the fourth floor.

Smokestack through Dusty Window

5. Patching Pavement

In Berlin when they use hot tar to patch a hole in the street or sidewalk they spread sand on top to avoid the problem of sticky tar sticking to everything that walks or rolls over it.

Patching Pavement in Berlin


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Kevin on July 27, 2013 - 16:55 Permalink

I believe #4 may be Anthony Weiner