First Kiss

The important thing to know about Irene is that she likes to kiss pretty well just about anything. Well, not anything. But lots of things. Or at least this is the story from her parents.

Irene is 14 months old. We met Irene and her parents, who are vacationing on Prince Edward Island from the Netherlands, while walking on the floating boardwalk at Greenwich yesterday. They had left home just 9 days after the world went all to hell. They’re brave travellers (both for daring to travel now, and for travelling with Irene, who has just learned to walk).

Anyway, yesterday, there on the boardwalk, wee Oliver, who turns one year old on Monday, received his first kiss from a girl his own age. Somehow this made the world seem a little less crazy-mixed-up.


Johnny Rukavina's picture
Johnny Rukavina on September 29, 2001 - 22:13 Permalink

I think I was, maybe, 19 years old when I had my first kiss. Props to Oliver.

Jevon MacDonald's picture
Jevon MacDonald on September 30, 2001 - 03:04 Permalink

I believe we should be referring to him as “wee mac daddy” from here on in. Just don’t let him have the keys to the car.