Firing up the Cruise Ship Boilers

Another cruise ship season starts next week – May 8, 2014 – here in Charlottetown. Over the period from then until November there are 68 scheduled visits by 12 cruise ships.

The Charlottetown Seaport continues its unhelpful practice of locking the schedule data inside an HTML table and so again this year I have liberated into more useful forms:

As in previous years, this is unofficial, subject to be wrong, etc. etc. But it’s a much richer set of data that supports myriad ways of maintaining continuous partial awareness of whether the city is to be overrun or not.


Laurie McBurney's picture
Laurie McBurney on May 2, 2014 - 22:07 Permalink

While this falls under the category of “esoteric and useless information” for someone like me, especially since I now live in Kingston, Ontario, I find it strangely fascinating. Thank you for putting it into a much more user-friendly format, Peter.