Finally: Genuine PEI Spam

Excerpt from the first genuine piece of Prince Edward Island spam, received this morning:

FINALLY a site dedicated to PEI from people living on PEI.



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Will Pate on March 8, 2006 - 19:26 Permalink

Let me guess…

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Charles on March 8, 2006 - 20:45 Permalink

Nope, the PEI Business Directory (I got the same spam.) He’s clever too, the message was .3 points away from getting eaten by my spam filter… Maybe next time Paul can include more exclamation marks to push it over the edge…

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Paul on November 26, 2006 - 03:59 Permalink

Why would you call it spam? We are not trying to sell you anything. Everything about PEI is under one roof. The newsletters go out to about 8000 islander’s and Maritimers from away. There is news, weather, local business, sports links,schools, hospitals, headline news, community events all listed for free to community and church groups — all PEI — think about it almost everyone here has MSN or some Amercian site as their homepage — why shouldn’t you set your homepage to We invite you to visit and if you want to be deleted from the newsletters just send along a note and its done — but calling the invitation to visit and support island companies spam is truly disapointing to me. I hope you rethink your comment — certainly you are entitled to your opinion but I would hope you embrace what we are doing as opposed to trashing it. Best regards Paul

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Peter Rukavina on November 26, 2006 - 10:56 Permalink

Spam = unsolicited. I never asked for the newsletter, yet you sent it to me.

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Paul on November 27, 2006 - 03:53 Permalink

Yes — The same as sending a letter in the mail — an invitation — However unlike ‘Junk Mail’ a sender simply click and your are removed. The invitation still stands of course to visit and add your comments Peter. I am simply trying to explain why we sent you the newsletter. Obviously I take a bit of offence in being clumped in with the Viagra ‘spammers’ who cost the industry millions of dollars a year.

That being said Peter I truly wish you a great day and hope this clarifies for you the invitation.

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Antispammer on December 6, 2006 - 17:19 Permalink

your just as guilty as someone who sends Viagra spam. Spams spam.

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Allan on January 16, 2007 - 19:46 Permalink

I received one of these emails also. But unlike the majority of emails I get, this one was actually informative. I’m now a member of the PEI Business Directory and the contacts with other small independent businesses on the Island is priceless.

For the most part, I agree with you Peter, but the fact that the email gave me the option of opting out of their newslettter, and the that the content was valuable to me as an Islander, makes me wonder if you’re just not being a little anal about this whole thing.

As a resident of PEI, I would think that you should be trying to support local business and not be sh*ting on it (pardon the pun)

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Peter Rukavina on January 16, 2007 - 19:50 Permalink

That’s fine in theory, Allan. But your “nice friendly email” is my “annoying spam” and the sender has no way of knowing how what they’re sending is going to be received.

The real problem, though, is that this approach to publicity doesn’t scale: sure it’s nice to support home-grown business. But what do we do when we’re getting 100 spam messages a day from businesses, homegrown and not, looking for our business with exactly the same tone: email becomes less useful, the publicity itself gets lost, bandwidth gets wasted, and ultimately nobody wins.

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Craig Willson on January 16, 2007 - 20:31 Permalink

I felt a little pang of guilt when I commented on receiving the same spam — for the very reasons that Allan mentioned. I felt less guilty after opting out, and still receiving the spam.

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jake mackey on May 12, 2008 - 23:02 Permalink

spam is spam this guy will do anything to make a buck ….
stay out of my email and get a life ….