Finagle a Bagle

The bagel business is crowded, so to stand out you need to either make better bagels, or you need a gimic. Finagle a Bagle has both. When you order a bagel, it’s placed on a conveyor belt that carries it towards a table saw blade spinning at high speed where it is cut in half and then hurtled towards the opposite end of the room where it’s toasted, buttered and dressed. It’s the bagel equivalent of the Krispy Kreme donut system. And the bagels are pretty good too.


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Brian Devlin on August 23, 2004 - 18:10 Permalink

I’m a resident of Attleboro and our entire area would embrace the establishement of a premium bagle store like Finagle a Bagle. 4 Years ago a local operation called Bagles and Beans sold its building to the Zoots chain of dry cleaners. Since that time the people in our area have had to settle for 2nd rate bagles from places like Dunkin Donuts. Somebody let the leaders of the Finagle a Bagle nation know that we in the City of Attleboro are craving the quality of their craft.