This Film is Not Yet Rated

Oliver and I went to a screening of Harmony Wagner’s new film Singing to Myself at City Cinema yesterday.

On our way in the door, Harmony cautioned me that the film is “unrated,” which is to say that the Nova Scotia Film Classification Section hasn’t reviewed it yet, so it doesn’t have an age classification and cautions like “coarse language.” She wanted to make sure that I understood there are “mature themes,” and some swearing, in the film, and I appreciated the caution: I’m virulently anti-censorship, but I appreciate knowing what I’m getting myself into, Oliver or no.

Two hours later, Oliver summed things up well when I asked him, on the way out of the cinema, whether he felt the movie was inappropriate for him.

His reply: “Of course not: it’s a film about the human condition.”

Singing to Myself is a good film, and saying that doesn’t need to be couched in asterisks of “made for only $1000” or “made right here on Prince Edward Island.”

It is a film about the human condition: about friendship and gender and violence and independence and landscape.

You should see it.

Still from Singing to Myself