The Fifth Avenue Home

My mother grew up in a building on 5th Avenue in Cochrane, Ontario, a former bottling plant that was converted into apartments. You can see it in Google Street View, albeit from a distance:

Photo from Google Street View up 5th Avenue in Cochrane, Ontario, showing a rectangular concrete-block building in the distance.

The building is in the distance because the Google Street View coverage for Cochrane, inexplicably, does not include 5th Avenue:

Screen shot from Google Maps showing the Street View coverage for the town, with no coverage on 5th Avenue.

Here’s a photo, closer up, that my mother took on a trip to Cochrane in 2015:

Photo of 233 Fifth Avenue, Cochrane, Ontario, taken from the street. It's a rectangular building with open porch below and glass-in porch above.

I have many fond memories of visits to that house; strongest among them is the feeling of hiding under my step-grandmother’s fur coats in the upstairs apartment during games of hide and seek with my brothers.