Fiddler’s Sons

We’ve just started working with Island Celtic band Fiddler’s Sons on the design and construction of a new website. You can see the early stages of the site now, and stay tuned for future developments.


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cameron mac master on May 10, 2005 - 02:33 Permalink

thank god for groups like fiddler’s sons!!I often am driving down on the mass. turnpike or through the new tunnel on I 93 in Boston mass with a great cd in my truck, the fiddler’s sons of course, I sometimes get some weird looks from the younger folk who have never heard tell of this music before and thats when I really crank it up, especially in that new tunnel, man oh man does that thing echo, and not to mention “leak”. but neither here nor there I just can’t wait for the day that you bring that sound down south of the border, It will be a hit there is no doubt, just look at Natilie Mac Master my wife and I went out to see her in Manchester New Hampshire and the place( about the size of the civic center) was packed to the gills!! But then again those Mac Masters are pretty swift!! Isn’t that right eddy!! oh well keep up the awesom work and I’ll be seing yas soon, I’ll be home on the 13 of May and then again on the first of July, maby another kitchen party is in line out on the seven mile road, Rily style!! take care

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John on July 15, 2005 - 17:16 Permalink

Can anyone help me get a copy of their Eagles Fly CD. Heard their Gaspereaux and was blown away. Please email if you can help me,

BTW, NetworkSolutions says the domain name has expired. Hope that doesn’t mean the band has too!


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Gerry Hull on August 15, 2011 - 15:25 Permalink

Hi Peter… Just saw the Fiddler’s Sons in Rollo Bay last week — totally awesome. I made the mistake of not picking up their CD, but a friend is going to do it. What ever happened to the web site? If I go there now, all I get is Japanese text.


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Mike B on July 16, 2015 - 22:21 Permalink

some years PEI? heard fiddlers sons and bought "Beaches of Home". Unfortunately, I think I left the CD in the van when I SOLD it. ouch.
I am looking for a means to rebuy it ...and perhaps other CD of the band.

Mike B
613 837 8978