The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market was heavy on the fervor this morning: not only was Bob Rae there (my he’s aged well; all trace of his chipmunky youth is gone and he looks more Jimmy Carter than Beaver Cleaver these days), but there were a couple of well-dress Mormons who perhaps got bad advice and were at the market looking for new recruits. Which is what I suppose Bob Rae was doing too.

Which leads me to wonder: what if we just handed over the keys to Leo Cheverie? What would PEI look like under a benevolent dictatorship with Leo as its figurehead? You gotta figure there would be better parties. I’m in.

Elsewhere on the fervor front, Matthew Rainnie is taking over the Boomer Gallant weather role on Compass for the next two weeks while Boomer goes on vacation. So now, in addition to the frisbee frenzy, you can get a double shot of Rainnie on the side.


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marian on July 30, 2006 - 16:03 Permalink

If the Liberals elect Rae, they’ll be doing the Conservatives a huge favour. Ontarians won’t vote for him because of what they see as his baggage (he was a not very well liked Premier there). Quebec won’t vote for him because he’s not a Quebecer. I’m rooting for Dion because he’s bright, he has guts and he’s the most popular candidate in Quebec which will be the linchpin province in the coming election. Rae’s web page looks nice though, not that it will do him or us much good. Rae is going around courting moderate Tories and suggesting that universities need to RAISE tuition from the already too high to the so high it will be impossible for lower middle class kids to even contemplate. So his government isn’t going to be very left wing, at least not domestically. On the other hand, I’d vote for anyone over the Tories, even Rae, but I’m probably an anomaly when it comes to that.