FedExKinko’s in Canada

I didn’t know that Kinko’s, or FedExKinko’s as it’s now called, had expanded to Canada. There’s even a store over in Halifax.


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Kevin O'Brien on January 19, 2006 - 18:40 Permalink

A few years ago, after some stern advice from a local entrepreneur, I gave brief consideration to opening a Kinko’s in the BDC Place on Kent, lower level — accross from the flag store (what do they do for the 11.97 months every year that _aren’t_ Canada Day?).

As part of that process I visited the Halifax Kinko’s and chatted with the manager. It is truly staggering the number of pages they process every day through their various copiers and printers. Their business model allows for ‘off the street’ revenue of about 20%; the rest is hustle.

It didn’t take long to figure out that I’d be competing with my friends at Island Offset, and a handful of their able competitors for about 50% of my revenue — and they *know* what they’re doing, I’d have to learn…[‘can hear the chuckle; nevermind!].

I can’t say for sure but I relatively confident that Kinko’s/Fed Ex. is about 75% unlike Mail Boxes Etc/UPS, and about 25% similar (the 20% that’s walk-in and a tiny bit more).

Kinko’s overhead is so high compared to what I believe MBEtc’s would be (relatively educated guess), that they must operate almost like the Province’s Central Printing (or whatever they call it), or like Holland College’s internal print/copy/bind Engine Room.

..just a kiddy “I’m still a kid” comment: That ‘engin room’ is pretty spectacular to watch. I used to have chat’s with the wonderful lady who worked in there — and I wish I could remember her name, she’s a real treasure, both to HC and to the geistzeit.

Anyway, wasn’t certain the business was out there, and I was skiddish about committing to the salary of a manager — I wouldn’t know how to work ‘the back rooms’ — who would work hard not just to keep the store operating, but to stay on the hustle, every day, drumming up new business. I don’t know whether it’s an inner latent anti-Capitalist sentiment, or laziness, but I can’t live like that and I don’t automatically assume other’s can too so I didn’t go asking.

Other than that, you’d have a Kinko’s in your neighbourhood.

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oliver on January 20, 2006 - 03:29 Permalink

Clearly the brand has expanded into Canada. Is it the same company or a Canadian licensee of the name? I’m not familiar with how these things work, but I suppose the answer could be “both,” i.e. if Candian securities law allows foreigners to own a controlling share of public companies.