Fashion Intervention

Here’s a photo that a friend helpfully sent along of me chatting with Chris Francis, of Receiver Coffee renown, at the Nine Yards Studio party on Friday night:

Chris Francis and Peter Rukavina

Chris is the dramatically more fashionable of the two of us, and seeing such a stark contrast prompts me to ruminate on:

  1. Why didn’t I take my coat off at the party? It was hot up there. I should have taken my coat off.
  2. Those jeans. I have to throw them away. Trousers should fit. Those don’t.
  3. Those Rieker sneakers. They’re less than a month old, and yet they’re deteriorating and look like my lawn-mowing shoes. Also, they do not make me look like Steve Jobs as I imagined they did. It’s time to head in a new shoe direction.
  4. I still like that Marimekko bag all these years later.
  5. I don’t look like as much of a dork holding a cocktail as I thought I might.