Even in the Quietest Moments

Ian’s post about baby readiness this morning prompted me to dig this photo out of the archives:

Oliver's Room, Just Before He Was Born

That’s Oliver’s room in its “he’s about to be born” state: the photo was taken on September 24, 2000 and he was born six days later.

It’s so clean and non-chaotic. There are so few stuffed animals in it. The laundry hamper lid hasn’t been ripped off yet. We haven’t had to have the plaster stripped out because of flood damage yet. He still has a door handle. And that car seat is so, so tiny.

In related baby sentimentality: Dave Hyndman has a great photo of his on his blog this morning.


Dave Hyndman's picture
Dave Hyndman on March 15, 2005 - 12:09 Permalink

I’m laughing at how neat that room looks.