European Trip Photos: Kutina to Slunj

I’ve posted more photos of our European trip.

After we left Zagreb, we drove east to the area around the town of Kutina, and the nearby villages of Garesnica and Disnik, where we found relatives (my father’s cousin Regina, who we found in everything by body and my father’s Aunt Manda and Uncle Ivo). Here are photos of that leg.

We then headed south towards Gospic, the area where my grandfather was born. On the way we stopped in the village of Topusko and stayed overnight at a strange hotel/spa complex. The next morning, we drive south towards Plitvice, and stopped at the village of Slunj, where we took plenty of pictures of waterfalls (these are particularly scenic).

As Steven noted in a comment to the first post of photos, they are generally quite dark; this is partially because I haven’t colour-corrected them at all, and also because it was often raining, foggy, or near dark when I took the photos. Croatia is a happy, bright country; really!


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Lisa Howard on October 21, 2004 - 21:26 Permalink

There should be more photos of you.