Euan Semple Drives Trucks

I first encountered Euan Semple when he spoke at Reboot 11 in 2009, and I’ve been a reader of his blog, off and on, for the years since.

Recently I noticed that he’s been referring to a sideline as a truck driver, and he connected me with this post from the summer that provides a little of the backstory to this.

Career corner-turns are fascinating to me–journalist starts working for the man, pilot becomes dolphin trainer, etc.–and I’m enjoying reading about Euan’s bifurcated adventures.

(That Reboot was the one that was sponsored, in part, by my friend Ton–you can see him at the very beginning of Euan’s talk, taking a photos–and it will be ten years since that Reboot in 2019; there’s an interesting cache of videos shot that year here. That was the Reboot when Catherine and I left Oliver in Canada and attended together).