Energy from Waste

I took a cycle out Riverside Drive and into the Hillsborough Hospital grounds and back tonight.

On the return journey I stopped to make a sketch of the Energy from Waste Plant; while I was sitting there, on a stoop in front of a storage trailer, Darcie Lanthier, among other things our federal Green Party candidate for Charlottetown, pulled up on her own (electric pedal-assist) bicycle. We ended up chatting about a number of things. In the most unlikely of places.

By the way, the Hillsborough River Cycle Path makes for a lovely after-supper bicycle route in the summertime. If you’re more ambitious, you can connect with the Hillsborough Park Cycle Path, the Riverside Estates Connector and the East Royalty Cycle Trails to get all the way out into the heart of East Royalty.

Indeed, with all the talk of hellish traffic from East Royalty into town, perhaps the wonders of 23 minute cycle ride along the river is should considered a viable alternative to building more capacity for cars?