Edward Hasbrouck Reviews the Gemini PDA

Edward Hasbrouck has written a delightfully exhaustive review of the Gemini PDA:

A year after my initial review, and six months after I received my Gemini, here’s a detailed update on what works, what doesn’t, what Planetcom needs to do to deliver on the promise of the Gemini (and the promises made to Indiegogo backers), and — most importantly — how to decide whether you should buy a Gemini to use on your travels.

The Holy Grail for many travelers-who-work-while-traveling is a compact, always-connected device, with a big (enough) screen and a big (enough) keyboard, running open source software.

As Edward’s review makes clear, the Gemini is a device tantalizingly close to this ideal, but with some serious issues, especially software-related, that would make it difficult to rely on as the only device in your travel bag.