Edmonton, Stuttgart, Atlanta, St. John’s

Air Canada is in the middle of another seat sale, although the prices aren’t nearly as attractive as those they offer in the winter and spring. Oddly, the list of on-sale destinations from Halifax is limited to the following:

  • Edmonton International (AB) — YEG
  • St. John s (NF) — YYT
  • Atlanta (GA) — ATL
  • Copenhagen Airport (DK) — CPH
  • Munich (DE) — MUC
  • Stuttgart (DE) — STR

Can anyone tell me what those cities have in common? I certainly don’t know.

We should be thanking Air Canada, though: I’ve often said that the most debilitating challenge of vacation travel planning is choosing where to go. Air Canada has, in limiting the scope of the world, made planning much easier: will it be Stuttgart or St. John’s this year?

In a related development: Catherine and I had a brief discussion last night about whether it would be appropriate to plan a future trip to France entirely around a rather excellent cup of coffee that Catherine had in the walled medieval village of Capendac. Our jury is still out.


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Jevon on May 17, 2005 - 19:14 Permalink

I have recently discovered Yahoo Dream Maps as a neat way to try to decide where to go.