Eddie’s Lunch: the centre of our neighbourhood

Eddie's Lunch Outdoor Sign It’s not an easy thing to create a successful neighbourhood hang-out. We used to visit Eddie’s Lunch, on Prince Street in Charlottetown, when we lived on Great George St. seven years ago. At that point it was more of a variety store, and ‘though it had a grill, it was hardly the kind of place you’d want to spend any time. Now we’re back in the neighbourhood, and Eddie’s has become the centre of our life. The variety store side has been stripped back to a bare miniumum — you can buy a quart of milk and a loaf of bread and a small soda pop, but that’s about it — and the grill has expanded threefold. The menu is standard grill fare — eggs for breakfast, burgers for dinner — but also includes a smattering of Lebanese food — shwarma, falafel, hummous, etc. — that rounds things out nicely. They’ve an interesting and ever-changing selection of cold drinks and a staff which is friendly enough to delight but aloof enough to not make you feel uncomfortable eating in what is, in the end, a very small room. They also serve the best hand-cut french fries in Charlottetown. Many’s the night (too many’s the night…) when Catherine and I say to ourselves “let’s go to Eddie’s” at supper time. Highly recommended. Eddie’s Lunch, 37 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PEI.