Eddie’s Lunch is Back, Again

Eddie's Lunch Outdoor Sign Eddie’s Lunch, which played a starring role in Oliver’s uterine life and has been mentioned in these pages more times than I can recall, left our radar for a year. A combination of things led to this, mostly that our city orientation shifted north (note, I use that in the strange Charlottetown use of the world; in the rest of the world you can read “south”) when I moved my office out of the house.

On Friday night, though, Catherine and Oliver were still in the thick of colds, and I wanted to eat out, so I took my bike on a long swing through Victoria Park, down Pownall and Rochford to Water, along Water to Prince and up Prince to the corner of King, where Eddie’s sits.

Calling it Eddie’s Lunch is Wrong, of course, as it hasn’t been Eddie’s Lunch for a long time: it was Viva’s for a while, then it was Viva’s in sign only, and then it went unnamed for a while. Now it’s the Marina Grill (or is it MarinaGrill, with no space?).

And it’s fantastic. In one fell swoop the “who serves the best chicken shawarma in town?” question has been rendered moot: you can get it there. Unable to believe that Friday night’s chicken shawarma was so good, I forced Catherine and Oliver to accompany me back for dinner tonight. It was that good.

More interestingly, the Lebanese rice has reached heights it’s never reached for me: it’s tasty, crunchy, warm and wonderful. And the shawarma comes with a nice side-salad, with a very nice Italian dressing to boot.

Catherine and Oliver shared the F.R.T.H., which is a combination platter of fatire, tabouli, rice, amd hummous. Catherine said it was the best tabouli she’s ever had.

If life has led you away from Eddie’s of late, it’s time to go back. You’ll see us there.