Ed Caswell

There’s a story about my great-grandfather Ed Caswell in this week’s Cochrane Times-Post. The story begins:

As we mark the centennial of Cochrane’s incorporation this year, there are many builders, business leaders, parents, and politicians who could be celebrated and cited as critical to the town’s creation and endurance. When we recognize that the town’s survival through the gritty early years was really a function of the collective efforts of many seemingly ordinary people, it becomes particularly difficult to point to a single hero. There were many. But if we had to pick one exemplary fellow to represent the group, Ed Caswell would be a good choice.


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Dick Bourgeois-Doyle on June 12, 2010 - 16:11 Permalink

Hey Peter

Thanks for posting the story about Ed. As you will know from your mom, it was a prelude to the publication of my book about him (with which she helped immensely).

The book — Stubborn — was released this week — and I am stunned by the positive response so far as it was a personal and quirky kind of project for me. In this category, I am delighted that some Chapters stores have ordered it and Chapters has it in their system nation-wide including via Chapters.ca — see the link here.

Anything you can do in the blogsphere to help promote sales will be appreciated as my goal is to see that General Store Publishing House is happy with its decision to take a chance on the book, which I initially intended to self-publish for family and friends.

Thanks again. Your distant cousin Dick Bourgeois-Doyle

Here is the link to Chapters … other stuff on the GSPH website.