Eastward Ho

I got up earlier than is humane this morning — early enough to have a full beta-test experience of the new “when does the sun rise in Charlottetown” information on Almanac.com in living orange and gold.

Kibitzed with Shawn Murphy about last night’s election in the waiting room at Charlottetown Airport. Flight over PEI en route to Montreal was stunning — truly is “the fairest isle ‘tis possible to see.” Picked up a BMW 323i at Trudeau Airport — it was, honestly, the cheapest option; Steve thinks it was a website error, but the BMW was $63 for the day vs. a Hyundai Accent for $68! — and drove in utter German luxury to Steve’s house for an early morning rendezvous.

We had coffee at a vrai cappuccino house, then hooked up with Monique and headed up to Boulangerie Andalos for their spirit-lifting sandwiches. Sat outside for long enough to brush up against a forehead sunburn, and then headed back to Steve’s for a round of good-byes. I was guided back to the airport by Monique’s world-class traffic management skills, and breezed through Swiss check-in and security.

I shall wake up in Zurich, then make a short hop via SAS to Denmark, and be in Copenhagen for lunch.


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Kevin on May 29, 2007 - 22:47 Permalink

..the fairest isle..

I was late getting to it, and likely didn’t execute very well, but I did nominate the ‘aerial view of PEI’ as one of the 7-wonders of Canada. Obviously it didn’t get much traction but it is: 1) both a natural and man-made phenomenon, 2) reflects a land pattern which is deeply rooted in PEI’s past (absentee landlords, choped into lots, etc.. and the lines still exist), 3) at a certain altitude one can see the entire province and know exactly where the borders are, and 4) it’s a wonderful place to wax philosophic on the nature of Canada, Federalism, origins, fragility, place, and home. Geesh, I think it was just a little too wierd but it stands up well against the “singing sands” (what a disappointment that was when I first went to hear them).

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Kevin on May 29, 2007 - 22:48 Permalink

Oh, and one more thing. It’s spectacularly beautiful like no other place I’ve ever overflown.

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Andrew MacPherson on May 30, 2007 - 05:49 Permalink

I agree having flow in to other places like Dublin, Glasgow and Honolulu to name a few you do get a feeling of place. But they all pale in comparison to landing on the island on a clear morning. My most memorable time was while listening to Beautiful Day by U2. I bought the CD single the day it was released in October 2000 on my way to the Edmonton airport and was listening to it for the first few times on that flight. The two have gelled for me ever since.