Eastlink Impresses

So I got “the call” today from Eastlink telling me that they can now offer Internet, telephone and digital cable services to the Reinvented World HQ here on Prince St.

One of my concerns about switching from my existing Internet service is a question about how “far”, in Internet terms, I would be from servers I maintain for PEI and for Yankee.

So I went to the Eastlink website, clicked on the technical support link, got the phone number (1-800-345-1111) and dialed it up.

I travelled through a well-laid-out phone tree, and after pressing “1 for Internet Technical Support” the phone rang. Once. Yes, just once. I didn’t have to listen to an electronic version of James Taylor’s Fire and Rain. At all.

The friendly guy who answered the call said “Eastlink Internet. How can I help you?” He didn’t say “What’s your user id?” I like this.

I told him my situation. He didn’t respond by saying “what’s an IP address?” He responded by saying “why don’t you just do some pinging and tracerouting to our gateway at c5.eastlink.ca”. Just like that.

The call lasted about 2 minutes from start to finish. I am very impressed.